Approved Bats


For the 2018 Super Series season, all bats used in the Super Series and Senior Circuit must adhere to the USSSA Licensed/Approved Bat Policy. To be legal, they must be marked with the new "USSSA BPF 1.20" mark on its taper (known as the “Thumbprint”). (Wood bats manufactured by a USSSA licensed bat manufacturer are also legal.)





WARNING: Anyone purchasing a new model bat should make sure it has the new “USSSA BPF 1.20” (the "Thumbprint") logo on it. Be sure you know where your new “legal looking” bat has come from. Some illegal bats are being repainted or ‘doctored’ and sold as “legal” bats. These bats can be dangerous and if someone was injured by one of these altered bats, the batter, and the person repainting/selling it, may be liable and any liability insurance they have could be null and void. Ignorance of where a bat came from or that it has been altered is not an excuse. This also means one should be careful when borrowing a teammate’s bat unless you know for sure it is a legal bat. SPO will deal very harshly with anyone discovered using such a bat. Please note that bats with multiple standards listed must meet all the requirements of each of these standards. 


Please note that a flare or cone grip now may be attached from the factory, or a commerically-produced flare or cone may be attached to the bat by the player, provided it is installed properly to the bat. The flare or cone must be permanently attached, or attached with safety tape. The bat must meet all requirements of Rule 3, Sec. 1 (Softball Canada) after installation to be considered legal. Any tape applied to the safety grip must be a continuous spiral.  An attachment may not extend beyond the end of the bat. The grip must demonstrate that the bat will not slip through the hand. Officials may deem unacceptable any grip and attachment they feel is unsafe.