Bat Testing Policy

It is SPO’s intention with the Bat Testing Policy and Procedure outlined herein to protect all players, and to maintain the integrity of the game.

For the 2018 Super Series season, all bats used in the Super Series and Senior Circuit must adhere to the USSSA Licensed/Approved Bat Policy. To be legal, they must be marked with the "USSSA BPF 1.20" mark on its taper (known as the “Thumbprint”).


Slo-Pitch Ontario will not be testing and labelling all bats prior to play. Instead, we will institute an aggressive Random Bat Testing Program.


Bats that fail the inspection process may be confiscated, without prejudice, receipted, and held by a SPO representative or designate thereof for the duration of the Tournament.

There will be no appeal for any bat that fails the testing process.

The bat testing process will be administered by a team of knowledgeable SPO personnel or their designate.


If a bat is sold or traded after failing testing, in the eyes of Slo-Pitch Ontario, the bat will remain the responsibility of the original owner if it surfaces in any SPO sanctioned event.

Any team, in whole or in part, without prejudice, can expect to have its bats subjected to an inspection and/or re-test at any time during the season. SPO reserves the right to determine the timing of this practice. Any bat entering the field of play area will be subject to inspection and testing for approval. This area includes dugout/bench and warm up areas, inside and outside the field.

Any bat may still be removed from play by any Umpire or SPO personnel for other reasons such as being on the non-approved bat list, suspected tampering, or evidence of damage to the bat (dents, cracks, etc.).