After a thorough review of competition throughout the 2017 season and the results of the SPO Worth Provincial Championships, the following Super Series teams have been reclassified to the indicated division for next season.


SPO, as always, continues to be committed in its efforts to ensure that all divisions remain competitive and that teams are competing in the appropriate division for their level of ball playing skills. We endeavour to be fair to all teams when considering the evaluation of a team's division of play.


To Mens A


**Tri-County Brick/Rematech/Belanger Ford Bisons

**NAPA VIP Auto Pro Pop A Top

**Cornwall Rockies

**Home Run Sports Dodgers


To Mens B

Hamilton Junior Jays Lycans


Cambridge RODJ Raptors


**London Mariners

**Maple City Marlins


To Womens A

**Dirty Diamonds


**Bubble Teams

These are the teams that are very close to being upgraded to the higher division and another evaluation of the team will be done when we receive their preliminary 2018 Roster. If the Roster is perceived to be stronger than the 2017 Roster, the team will then be moved up a division.


Player's Ratings

Players on Teams that are reclassified will maintain that rating for a minimum of one (1) year.


For more information, please see SPO's Team Reclassification Policy.