Super Series Team Classification Policy

A Player's 2018 classification is determined by his/her team's 2017 division, or new division, if reclassified.  Players and/or Teams not participating in the SPO program for one (1) or more seasons will retain their classification level obtained prior to taking the absence from Slo-Pitch Ontario play.


A Team's Roster must consist of Players of the same or lower division.  It may include a maximum of two (2) players that are classified in the next higher division.  If a team includes more than 2 players from the next higher division (including a reclassified team), they must register in that higher division. All Players participating on a Super Series team, whether starters or not, are classified as being Players at the level of their team.




1.  A "C" team's roster includes 1 Player from a "B" team and 2 Players from a Team that was reclassified to B. They must register and play as a "B" Team.


2.  If your Team participated in “C” and is upgraded to “B”, individual Players from this Team can only participate in the “B” or higher division, or on a "C" Team, provided there is not more than 1 other "B" designated Player on the Team.


Teams, including Teams reclassified from the previous year, requesting reclassification during the season must have played in a minimum of two (2) Events in their designated division before submitting an on-line Rating Appeal Form for consideration.  Teams requesting reclassification for participation in the current year’s Provincial Championships must submit their Appeal prior to July 15th.